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SharePoint 2010 in Simple Pictures

Who is this book for?

SharePoint in Simple Pictures is for HR, PR and sales managers, accountants, lawyers, bankers, and secretaries as well as other employees.

The idea for writing this book arose after gaining extensive experience working with web portals on SharePoint for different companies, ranging from two to five thousand employees. Anyone who works with this unfamiliar system is facing the same difficulties. We have collected and analyzed all the problems and challenges with SharePoint, and explain how to overcome or completely avoid these.

Why it‘s worth buying this book?

The book contains complete explanations of how to make it easier for the ordinary company employee to work with SharePoint 2010. You will find simple advice and representative illustrations with no technical jargon. If you are starting with the corporate document flow on SharePoint 2010, or already using it confidently, then this book will give you hints on how to get the best results quickly and effectively with minimum effort. As well, the book will be useful for those who are going to order a solution on SharePoint but have no idea what to expect and what to demand.

Advertising in the book about SharePoint for businesspeople is an effective approach for talking directly with the target audience that uses SharePoint solutions. The professional and educational content is a bridge which will lead you to your customers.

We are open to offers about placing ads in the book or about project support. If you would like to advertise your professional services to our customers, then simply contact us using the feedback form.

The following options for ad placement available:

  • Your logo on the book cover;
  • Brief information about your company: name, logo and a website link on the partners page in the book;
  • A dedicated page for your ads.

Additionally, if you get an ad in the publication, you will have the opportunity to place information — including your business name, logo and a website link — in the Partner section on the book website after the book is published.

All inquiries can be made by submitting the feedback form.

If you are interested in paper copies of the books, or if you would like to receive onsite training in your company, please contact us through the feedback form.

All messages will be read and answered in a short timeframe.

We have more than 10 years of combined experience in IT and with SharePoint portals.
Надежда Шевелева

Nadezda Sheveleva

SharePoint Expert

“I will show you everything about SharePoint in pictures and live presentations.”

Павел Корсуков

Pavel Korsukov

Technical Architect

“Common sense and cold reasoning didn't allow us to leave users without knowledge.”

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